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What if You Develop Feelings For a Coworker?

New Job Pursuit 7 February, 2020

When you work with someone side by side every day, it’s natural to begin to feel close to them. But when that closeness develops into romantic feelings, things can get tricky. Some companies frown on inter-office relationships, while others tolerate it as long as you adhere to some rules. Here’s what to do if you develop feelings for a coworker.

Find Out What the Company Policy Is

Remember that giant onboarding packet of information that’s collecting dust in your bottom desk drawer? Pull it out and look up the part about office relationships. This will discreetly tell you what the company policy is without having to divulge anything to anyone yet. If you don’t like what you read, you can then decide if you want to pursue the relationship or not.

Figure Out if Your Feelings Are Reciprocal

Remember that even if you’re falling for a coworker, they may or may not be falling for you, too. If they aren’t, you run the risk of being accused of something you had no intention of. These days, society is highly sensitive to harassment of any kind. Tread carefully as you figure out if that coworker has feelings for you, too.

Don’t Gossip About It

When you’re in love (or deep like), your impulse is to talk about that person non-stop. But if it’s a coworker, you shouldn’t tell a soul about your feelings until it’s clear that the coworker likes you back. Even then, it’s best to keep things on the down-low. The last thing you need is for others to start gossiping about it behind your back. For now, don’t even tell your best friend.

Falling for a coworker has its pitfalls, but it usually has more benefits. Just as long as you’re careful, things could really work out well!