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Juggling a Job Hunt With College

New Job Pursuit 9 January, 2020

College can be hard enough, but now let's add in a job hunt! You might be feeling like you could not possibly take on another responsibility, but being able to pay bills and have the cash you need for things is nice, right? Until someone discovers a magic money tree, the only solution is finding a job.

Although it may sound overwhelming, you really can juggle college and a job search. Here are a few tips to help you stay sane while on this journey. 

Set Your Priorities

Priorities are the guiding principals that help us achieve our goals. You need to have your priorities set so that you can easily set your goals and then focus your actions in the right direction. Without set priorities, your efforts will be going in every direction and you will just stress your self out.  Write down your priorities and goals and set them somewhere you can easily see them each day. This will keep you motivated. 

Pace Yourself

Long term success in life is always a result of balance. If you swing too far one way or the other you will have problems. If you put forth no effort to work toward your goals, you will fail. If you work so hard that you burn out, you will also fail. The key is balance. Work toward your goals in a rational, healthy way each day. 

Be Flexible

You will need a job that will work with your current school schedule. While searching for a job, keep this important element in mind. The more flexible the work schedule, the more easily you will be able to hang on to this job while also maintaining your school life. 

Going to college is tough. Looking for a job is tough, but if you keep your priorities straight, pace yourself and find a flexible workplace you can make this work.