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How to Tell Your Family About Your Job Loss

New Job Pursuit 12 November, 2019

Have you put off telling your family about a recent job loss? Although you might be dreading this, there are some steps you can take to make this a bit easier. 

Don't Procrastinate

The longer you wait to tell your family about the job loss, the worse it will be. Above all else your family wants you to be honest with them. Even if it feels scary and overwhelming, set aside some time as soon as possible to discuss this new development with your loved ones. 

Don't Overreact

This is especially important if you have children. Your kids will feed off of whatever emotion you are projecting. If you are projecting doom and gloom then your kids will be more stressed over this development. In the same way, if you are projecting a positive attitude, then your kids will feel more positive about this change. It's okay to be honest with them, but being honest does not mean you must be overly negative. 

Be Willing to Accept Help

If your family or extended family offers to help in some way, accept the help. Often times when people find themselves in a hard spot they think they must tough it out on their own so that they are not a bother to anyone. This is not the case if people are offering to help you in some way. This is how they want to show they care about you and your situation. 

Listen to Their Concerns

Your family, especially your significant other or spouse, will be concerned about how this job loss is going to affect the family long term. That is okay. Listen to their concerns. Patiently work toward solutions. This is not a time to fight and argue. That will only increase the stress levels and work against your job search efforts. 

A job loss is tough on everyone, not just you. Your family can be a great source of strength and encouragement during this time if you follow these helpful steps.