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How To Quit A Job - You Have Options

New Job Pursuit 3 June, 2022

For some people, the very idea of quitting their job is too terrifying to think about. The truth is, though, sometimes you do need to move on. If you are very anxious about quitting, or if you have never quit a job before, you should know that there are different ways you can quit. Let's look at a few different methods to see which one is right for you.

Long Term Prep Quit

The long-term prep quit is when you give yourself plenty of time to get ready for the change. If you have a lot of anxiety surrounding the quit you may want to consider this method.

During a long-term prep quit, you would start setting the groundwork for leaving months ahead of time. You will want to start looking for another job and possibly go ahead and start putting in applications and going to interviews. You may also want to start pulling back on commitments at work so that you are not entangled in any long-term projects that you can't easily get out of. Another good idea is to start pulling back on work relationships if they are not relationships you want to continue after you quit.

If you have a really good relationship with your employer, you may even want to give them an advanced heads up that you will be leaving in the future.

Traditional 2 Week Notice

Most companies will have a policy outlining the proper way to quit. Most of these policies include putting in a 2-week notice. The 2-week notice is the most common way to quit. You inform your employer, put in the 2-week notice, work for 2 more weeks and then leave.

The Walk Out

If you feel certain that you can't handle a long-term quit, or even working 2 more weeks after putting in your notice, you could simply walk out. You inform your employer you are quitting and you leave.

Regardless of how you decide to quit, it is important to remember that staying too long in a job that is not right for you can have a negative effect on your career and your mental health.