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How to Protect Your Mental Health At Work

New Job Pursuit 11 March, 2021

Years ago mental health was rarely discussed, but today this is not the case. Having open honest conversations about mental health is necessary in order to maintain your mental health and to establish healthy behaviors. Mental health is often greatly threatened at work. Work is a high-stress environment and if other stressors get thrown in it can become a bad situation.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your mental health at work.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Just because you work for someone does not mean that they own you and can have access to all of you or all of your time. If you start to notice that your co-workers or your boss have developed a habit of wanting more and more accessibility to you and your time, this could be a problem. Review your work agreement to make sure you are clear on exactly what your time commitment is to your job and exactly how much investment you are required to put in. If you are being asked to do more than this, you need to set a boundary.

Avoid Toxic People

One of the great mysteries in life is that many toxic people at first appear very attractive. They are friendly, charismatic, and sort of draw you in. It is only after they have your trust and loyalty that they reveal their toxic nature. Even if you have already established a friendship with someone at work, you can distance yourself if they start to behave in a toxic way.

Create Stress Release Routines

During your downtime, it is very important that you establish stress release routines to ensure that you can handle the demands of your job on a daily basis. These can include enjoying hobbies, resting, pampering yourself or others.

In order to stay mentally healthy at work start by following these helpful tips.