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3 Ways Social Media Can Harm Your Job Search

New Job Pursuit 24 Apr, 2017

Employers favor applicants who are active on social media, but networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter should be used with extreme caution. Poor grammar, unprofessional behavior, and other issues can cause employers to think twice about hiring an otherwise promising applicant. The following are three of the most significant ways your social media presence may harm your job search:

Demonstrating Incompetence

A perfect CV matters little if your social media accounts are littered with spelling mistakes. Proofread every post, every tweet, and every photo caption to ensure that all words are spelled correctly. Be sure to also keep an eye on punctuation and grammar.

Showing a Lack of Maturity

Think twice about sharing those pictures from the pub on Facebook; employers don't want to see your nights out on the town. Mentions of alcohol, drugs, and partying should be strictly avoided.

Potential employers may also question your maturity if you badmouth other employers online. Think carefully before speaking ill of anybody, particularly if you're tempted to complain about a past or current job.

Sharing Offers Could Prove Devastating

Don't share any information about job offers until well after you have accepted the new position and launched your new career. Many employers do not look kindly upon those who preemptively share job offer information, and your offer could potentially be rescinded if you boast about your new job too early. When you do break the news, speak positively about your new job; even seemingly innocuous statements can be misconstrued as reflecting badly on your employer.

Take extreme care with your social media accounts. They may seem private, but employers can easily see what you're up to online. Use your various accounts to emphasize your professionalism, and you will be bound to impress employers and land a great job.