Career Advice

Budgeting Ideas to Get You Through a Job Loss

A job loss is a stressful time of uncertainty. Many things are different for you right now. Accepting this and making some changes to your budget can help you get through this time. Working on your budget will be necessary to your success. 

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Good Jobs for Staying Active

If staying fit and trim is important to you, then you'll need to obtain a job that keeps you active at all times. The following are some ideas that you may want to consider before you conduct your next job search. These jobs might give you the trim look that you're trying to achieve.

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How Introverts Can Learn to Network

If you classify yourself as an introvert, then there is probably nothing more terrifying than the idea of networking. Regardless of how little you look forward to networking, it is often a necessary part of any job search. Here are three tips to help any introvert master networking.

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